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Are doors getting obsolete?

One of the most prominent features of any given furniture are its doors. As it is, of course, the most seen, touched and heard (thud!) out of all its 6 sides. However, there is a new trend emerging, a trend of non-door.

With the ever-growing demand for aesthetics and ergonomics, people need more and more ways to showcase their beauty. With this we have everyday objects given a higher importance to their look and feel, as the advancements in their core functions start to plateau.

But where can you put them? Only so much of it you can leave out on the table before people start questioning your cleanliness. But you don't want to stow these away in some hidden cabinet. That would not only deprive all your visitors of the beauty but also the wonderful conversations they could ignite.

So here we have, cabinets and other furniture without doors and simple glass fronts. An extension to minimalism.

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